Masters Bike Racer

J.R. has done a fantastic job of helping me realize my potential as a masters cyclist, even though I started cycling later in life. J.R.’s years of cycling and coaching experience have helped me to be physically stronger and mentally tougher than I’ve ever been. I’m competitive not only against cyclists my own age, but against much younger cyclists as well. J.R. has tailored every workout to fit my work and travel schedule, and has helped me peak at the just the right time for key events. I’m looking forward to an awesome 2016 — Fatbike Nationals, SeaOtter and the National Crit Championships.


J.R.’s training program was one of the most worthwhile things I’ve personally done to have a positive impact on my racing. Within weeks of working with J.R., my endurance changed dramatically for the better. The heat doesn’t affect me in the 120+ degree car, my focus is sharp after 2 hours of elevated heart rate, and I get out of the car now with barely a bead of sweat—ready to race again right away!

2-Time RAAM Winner

J.R. created an individualized training program that accommodated my hectic work schedule and challenged me to grow in strength and endurance. Soon, I was winning most of the races I entered, including LOTOJA, Tour de Park City, and Desperado Dual. I became both 4-women team and 2-women team (course record) winner in RAAM (Race Across America), and plan on Solo RAAM next. J.R.’s coaching has been a major part of my success, and with his coaching expertise, I can realize my future dreams as well.

Professional Race Car Driver

After training with J.R. I was more than able to pull two-hour stints in the Grand Am car. My physical and mental performance was just as good at the end of a very strenuous race session as it was at the beginning. Definitely the best performance training program I have been involved in!

Mountain Climber

J.R.’s training program was a key component in my preparation to summit Mount Everest. The training improved my cardio, power and endurance levels—making a big difference grinding up the Lhotse Face, as well as on summit day. Thanks, J.R. for a great program!