We at J.R. Smith Coaching, are dedicated to providing you accurate and cost-effective data analysis to improve your on-track performance.

It’s easy:
Send us your data — We analyze it — We provide you with the correct guidance and steps to make you faster.

Many competitors invest thousands of dollars developing their cars hoping to improve their lap times by 1 to 2 seconds. They also try to apply the self-teaching approach when they start off—gaining skills and experience slowly. The result is typically only a minimal increase in performance without any useful feedback to learn from and make dramatic improvements, while costing a substantial amount of time.

Our data analysis and personal coaching services can gain you that 1 to 2 seconds a lap—or more—for a fraction of the cost and time.


High Performance:
The High Performance program is the first step in helping the driver gain insight for improving driving techniques, using data and video analysis obtained over a one-day track event. We will provide thirty minutes of consultation by phone or email.
Cost: $395

The Custom program is perfect for the racer who wants our trackside assistance. Our team will provide data and video analysis of one day of driving on site. All day client consultation is included.
Cost: $895

Email for group rates or other special requests

AIM – SOLO Lap Timer

AIM – MXS and MXG Dash Loggers

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